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We are a
strategic partner.

United Surgical Partners International is an experienced and trusted partner in some of the nation’s most successful ambulatory surgical networks. We are dedicated to providing high-quality, lower-cost solutions as various reform initiatives unfold in the communities we serve. We provide strategic solutions for physicians, health systems and those paying for the cost of health care services, such as employers, insurance companies and government programs.

We currently own and operate over 400 ambulatory facilities where we serve more than 9,000 physicians and over 2.7 million patients each year. We maintain strategic joint-venture partnerships with more than 9,000 physicians and over 50 health systems nationwide. All of this is accomplished through a team of over 17,000 dedicated employees.

Our mission is to care for every patient and their family as if they were our own. Each patient, each family, each and every time. Our operating model is scalable, but also flexible enough to adapt to the needs of each market. 

Our strategy enables our partners and other aligned constituents to benefit from the high-quality, lower-cost settings in our facilities under financial structures that work for them. Our partner relationships often expand into new ventures and a broader market presence which enhances our growth prospects and strategic position within a market to better serve patients and our physician partners.

Health systems partner with us to further execute their ambulatory network strategies and fulfill their missions and ministries.  We align with our health system partners both clinically and economically to enhance their facility network, while providing more access, as the importance of moving business to shorter stay settings elevates.

Our physicians align with us to solidify their market position as networks form and narrow.  Our physicians partner with us to increase their productivity, better control the outcomes of the facilities in which they practice, and to ensure excellence in the experience of their patients and families.