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In the increasingly complex regulatory environment of healthcare, keeping up with the changes and requirements is important.  We not only provide tools and resources to support our facilities and partners in these efforts, we are active in advocating on their behalf in the areas of health care quality, transparency and government relations.

Our Partners in Industry Leadership

Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care

The Advisory Board Company

Ambulatory Surgery Center Association

ASC Quality Collaboration

Certified Administrator Surgery Center

Joint Commission

Physician Hospitals of America 


Quality and Transparency 

Our leaders and subject matter experts maintain active positions at the board, decision making and working committee levels of industry quality organizations such as the ASC Quality Collaboration, the Joint Commission, the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC), the ASC Association (ASCA) and the Certified Administrator Surgery certification  (CASC).  We support and engage in these organizations to ensure that we are part of the process when it comes to industry quality and transparency initiatives so that our facilities and partners are one step ahead of quality improvement and compliance.

Our Focus

  • Transparency for the sake of learning and constantly improving patient outcomes
  • Efficiencies in patient care and safety
  • Leveraging best practices across the industry and our own network of facilities


We are actively engaged in advocacy at both the federal and state level to ensure that ambulatory surgical centers and hospitals are recognized by policy makers for their critical role in America’s evolving health care environment. We collaborate with our physicians and health systems,  and actively support the Ambulatory Surgery Center Association's effort to communicate with elected officials at appropriate levels of government.  AdvocacyEDGE is the toolkit we have developed to keep you up to date on the issues affecting our industry and to provide you with materials to make contacting elected officials easy.

Our Goals

  • To ensure that policy makers at all levels know that ambulatory surgery centers and short stay hospitals are essential to addressing the critical issue of rising costs and meeting the nation’s growing health care needs
  • To ensure that policy makers understand that free market competition is a key to innovative, high quality and efficient health care services
  • To engage our physician partners, health systems and employees in the advocacy process to shape the best policies for our industry