With our operational
expertise and your clinical
excellence, there's no
stronger partnership.

We create the support system that ensures successful delivery of outstanding patient care. That’s a partnership that works.

When establishing relationships with physicians, USPI is committed to the long–term success of our facilities.

We have purposely structured our Company to promote enduring partnerships, which are positioned to grow in value. USPI has a proven model that is focused on strong physician leadership with active involvement in key decisions including:

  • Governing Board – Broad oversight of the facility
  • Medical Executive Committee – Local physician driven, clinical leadership, peer review with emphasis on clinical excellence
  • Partners’ Advisory Board – Partnership success through growth

History of Success

When you partner with USPI, you benefit from our decades of successful surgery center management experience. You also benefit from USPI's EDGE™, our proprietary system for sharing best practices and achieving continuous clinical quality improvements. If you’re a physician, you’re empowered to make decisions about your clinical processes and design your own schedule. If you’re a health system, you’re able to protect existing business, extend your brand, gain market share and significantly improve margins.

When you win, we win

It’s a winning partnership model that creates high rates of satisfaction among both physicians and patients. What’s more, it ensures the financial growth and success of the facility. Your facility.


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